School tours of Christie Walk – Excursions open in Adelaide Term 3 and 4
School tours of Christie Walk

An eco-village … in the heart of the CBD

Bookings now open for term 3 and 4 tours.

A Christie Walk tour is designed to give students insights into: • practical ways of reducing the environmental impacts of urban living • how we can live more sustainably in the future.

The one-hour tour supports cross-curricular learning and will allow your students to explore themes and issues related to the environment and climate change – energy, water, recycling, biodiversity, food, transport, climate-responsive housing and the role of community.

You will see energy-efficient homes set within well-planned green spaces, plus a range of community facilities, including a community room and rooftop garden.

Price per student is $7.00 for primary and $8.00 for years 8-12. Minimum charge $100.00 – accompanying staff/parent helpers free. A Christie Walk Resource Pack (DVD plus CD Rom) is included with the tour.

For more information contact Urban Ecology Australia Inc on 8212 6760.

Image is of the Rooftop Pond



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